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The Pressleys were one of the pioneer families of the South Carolina Lowlands. They started as poorest of the poor, with a small homestead in the woods, a few simple tools, and an iron will. 130 years later, they walked the corridors of South Carolina power, helped changed the course of a nation, and fought with their very lives to protect and defend the independence they so fervently loved.

This site will present their story and their connections, familial and otherwise, to the planter community of Williamsburg County, South Carolina. Come back over the next several months to see its progress.

Click for a History of the Pressleys, written by John Gotea Pressley in 1889.

In late April, 2003, I visited the Pressley Family Cemetery, near Indiantown, South Carolina, in Williamsburg County. The results are are as series of web pages, with a virtual cemetery tour and detailed photos and life descriptions of those buried therein.

Please also visit the new site dedicated to one of the leading lights of the Pressley family, Col. James Fowler Pressley, M. D., CSA.


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