John Pressley

(19 Aug 1780 - 14 May 1821)

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Pressley Family Cemetery, Williamsburg County, South Carolina

Headstone of John Pressley


memory of
who departed this life
on the 14th day of
May A. D. 1821
aged 40 years 3 months
and 25 days.

He maintained a character
throughout life of sterling
worth and integrity,
living esteemed
and respected by all
who knew him,
and died in the hope and
faith of the Gospel


J.P. 1821

John Pressley was the son of William Pressley and Eleanor (Orr) Pressley. He married Mary Barr Brockinton (1783 - 1849), daughter of Capt. John Brockinton, Jr. and Martha Screven Fowler, his wife.

John Pressley, like his forefathers, was a planter in Williamsburg County. His grandson, John Gotea Pressley, who penned the family history, was born after his death, so he had no direct recollection of him. These are his few words:

[Mary Barr Brockinton] married John Pressley [on April 10, 1804.] Neither of them, at the date of their marriage, owned much property, indeed so little, that when my grandfather, John Pressley, died, leaving a widow and five small children, it required close economy and prudent management on the part of my grandmother to maintain her family.

My grandmother and her husband settled on Turkey Creek. The house which they first lived in was gone before my day, and the place where it had stood was known as the “Old House Field” and was marked by a large mulberry tree of the white variety.

John Pressley was a trusted member of the community. Examination of the recorded wills of his time reveals he was often chosen by friends to aid in the execution of those wills.


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